DIY floor length curtains

First I started by buying my fabric at the Black Friday JoAnn’s sale ~which I can’t say enough GOOD things about!~ for 50% off the original price and it was EXACTLY how much I wanted, Thank the LORD! This is by far the biggest task I’ve taken on so far and believe me I was a little scared! ~I’m kind of a scaredy cat when it comes to new things~ Once I got started I was so excited I forgot about being scared and I LOVE how it turned out!

The tutorial I found for this project was VERY helpful and VERY detailed. I myself got a little focused while I was sewing that I only took a few pictures so if you need anymore explanation check her site out!

First you want to make sure you know how long you want your final product to be and take into account all the hemming that’s involved and leave extra fabric for that. I didn’t really know how long I wanted mine and got enough so I could start and hem as far as I needed to when I got to the end of the project.

Lay out your fabric so you can measure and cut evenly.


After you’ve measured you want to iron that baby out! Trust me don’t skip this step it helps A LOT to have things nice and flat! I was warned so I’ll pass along the favor, if you don’t like to iron then you might find this project a little on the frustrating side! We’ll be doing it A LOT! Also make sure you iron the fabric on the non printed side. This is just incase there might be something on your iron, you’d avoid ruining your fabric if it’s on the inside!

After you’ve got everything ironed flat you’ll take the long sides and iron a 1/2″ seam in, follow that with folding the seam you just made over on top of itself and iron to finish it.


This is my hemming tool that I used. Helps me get a even seam!

~ironing out all the seams will make it easier to sew at the end becuase it’s been pressed~



Once you’ve got a pretty edge, you’ll do the same thing to the other side!

The top is a little different then the sides. You’re gonna do the 1/2″ in and iron but the second fold is gonna be folded 3″ instead of the same 1/2″. This just finishes the curtain on top and also gives you the loop through the top if you’ll be hanging it that way. I wanted to be able to take it down easy so I bought clips instead.

Now is when you have a couple of choices as to what to do with your curtain. I chose to follow the tutorial I was reading and buy two twin sheets from Walmart for $5.00 each for linning the inside of the curtain. Since it’s for our nursery I wanted to help make it a little darker in the room.

This does involve some extra steps that were a little tricky for me but I managed!

If this is the way you want to go ~my apologies~ I took NO pictures of this process. I was WAY too focused on actually accomplishing the task I had put before myself! I would suggest clicking on the tutorial I found and get those detailed instructions.

If that’s not what you want to do then once you’ve pinned your seams and they’ve been sewn you can hang it up! The bottom you can either have a measurement you like already or you can pin where you’d like the curtain to fall and then take it back to the sewing machine and finish it up!

This is what my completed curtain panel looks like in our baby’s room! I have yet to tackle the second panel but I still have 3 months and I would prefer to focus on all the Christmas baking and wrapping that there is to do right now or I’m afraid I might loose my mind!



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